Constructive - IT with DNA Engineering

A pioneer in the cloud concept, the company was born in the cloud computing world with all its solutions marketed in software concept as a service (SaaS). Founded in 2000 with a joint venture of Grupo Santander, has undergone a process of MBO (Management Buy Out) in 2004 becoming a national company.

Headquartered in São Paulo and branch in Porto Alegre, the Constructive engineering provides management solutions for the infrastructure market, energy, real estate and retail. The company serves more than 40,000 users with full redundancy network and international safety standards, is present in the country's largest infrastructure projects.

Solutions are developed with its own technology, integrated with leading market technology as Google, Autodesk, Hexagon, Microsoft and DocuSign.

Meet our differences

”O objetivo do Construtivo é apoiar seus clientes em suas jornadas de transformação digital. Nossa visão está sempre compreender a aplicação de nossos produtos e serviços dentro dos cinco domínios da transformação : clientes, competição, dados, inovação e valor.”

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